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e-commerce development

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e-commerce development

by dennis.pray » Sat Nov 06, 2010 10:16 pm

I have no HTML exprience but have a desire to start an online business using the the WordPress program. Without getting TOO involved with the function of HTML coding is it a possible goal to start a website by downloading the e-commerce software and then finding a website template and copy and paste HTML code for the homepage?

I guess one of my fears is that the site can be hacked and irretreavable with my current experience with any coding. There are a number of other hurdles; API (whatever that is), connecting with PayPal for an online payment solution and connecting with USPS & UPS for S&H solutions to name a few.

I currently work for someone who has done just this with an online website using WordPress. He has a second site (much more popular than the first) which uses CubeCart v3 as the e-commerce solution and I am VERY comfortable with this program however the problem is v3 was a free download and they have stopped providing tech support, forcing users to upgrade to the newest version v5 for a fee if any problems arise.

I am aware that I can hire a programmer to develop the site I need but I'd like to able to say I did it all myself AND will be starting out on a shoestring budget. I guess the answer to my original question will determine how I proceed from this point on.

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Re: e-commerce development

by HTML.net » Sun Nov 07, 2010 3:03 pm

Hi Dennis

My advise would be always to try to to it yourself before you hire somebody. It might not be as difficult as you think. And even if it is, it will give you a much better understandig of the job and how much you should pay for it and who to hire.

Give it a try. Start with the HTML Tutorial: http://html.net/tutorials/html/ and see how fare you get. We will be happy to help you here the forums on the way.

If you end up deciding to hire somebody to do the job, here is a good place to look for a coder: http://www.vworker.com/

- Andreas, HTML.net
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Re: e-commerce development

by Zachariahbroune » Thu Dec 02, 2010 10:12 am

Typical for a client, it should be a shop on the Internet (or any site that sells something) will not be different from a normal store. Go to buy goods and go away. The whole process is fairly simple in terms of the buyer, but from the perspective of the project, there are a set of actions necessary for the implementation of the sales process. Professionally in the Web site buyer did not even notice the complexity of the operations that occurred while the purchase is done.You customer behavior can be compared to the flow of water - either always choose the path of least resistance. Since then, literally, there are thousands of competitors in the Internet, and one small mistake and you may lose the opportunity to make a sale. Your business as a trader is to provide the buyer a chance to get the product with the minimum of inconvenience and time consuming.
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Re: e-commerce development

by NickMorgan » Thu Dec 02, 2010 12:44 pm

Knowing how to start e-commerce businesses is one of the first steps to setting up an online business. First, the initial business plan and idea must be established, and then the e-commerce structure follows.A business plan defines what service or goods your business will provide. It also defines who your customers are, and which market your business should serve. Also, it includes a market analysis, which determines profitability and potential of the market you intend to serve. Next, it defines direction of your business development and growth, as well as operations. In a nutshell, that is a very simplistic business plan.

online transaction processing
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Re: e-commerce development

by annyphp » Fri Dec 03, 2010 1:36 am

I am a php beginner.I have trouble in learningPHP-ecommerce
Annyon can help me?
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