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How to develop a Big Site in Php? like odesk,elance

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How to develop a Big Site in Php? like odesk,elance

by mahajan_php » Thu Apr 26, 2012 6:08 am


I want to develop a Big Site in PHP like Odesk and elance. It should have all the features like Time Tracker intergration, Contractor, Employer, Reports, Project Mangement Etc. How can i develop this site?

Please suggest me Which Framework or CMS i use for this. I am expert with PHP Programming.

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Re: How to develop a Big Site in Php? like odesk,elance

by XainPro » Thu Apr 26, 2012 12:36 pm

Well good luck every php developer thinks like that but a single person can not do this lengthy work these kind of project developed by group of developers which have Team Lead, Sr.PHP Developer, Web Designer, BDM, Marketing and support staff.
Try to Learn software Development Life Cycle Water Fall Model
and other cycles in short i think 1st you need to make requirement and specific Document then , Database Analysis , Then Design the Web, Then Develop It, after that test it and finally deploy it.

and 2nd option to do these type of things my out sourcing your work on other websites like odesk,elance and pay them a huge amount of money and after that when ever you need amendment you need to depend on them and pay them.
but i will surely not dishearten you try to do small ideas 1st then go for big one.
Good Luck if you need any assistance and help or wana make team ping me up any time.
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