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can any body help me with the frameworks ?

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can any body help me with the frameworks ?

by eslam yosef » Tue Sep 30, 2014 4:05 am


First, the science of this topic has been put in the Arabic-language forums of approximately 30 hours and did not receive any refund or interesting and that's what prompted me to translate it and put it here .. and I think it would be better for everyone if it was close Arab forums for lack of watched ..
  And now to the topic

Like what I've learned from the site that is the language of css to coordinate and Beauty html
I possible Use the Format property for marking a particular time or the same tag in the whole site and not, for example, body .. Ok I appreciate this moment I work as part of a specific text on a given alone will enter the property in Style Tag friendlier normal
Ok if you want to put under one of the more than one html tag and not, for example, <p> + <p> + <h1>

It is generally the whole problem, I do not know Separate css and html
In other words, I do not know how to put a framework for unity without marking html .. I mean, for example, I Want Work as part of the length, width and dimensions of certain non-html tag
And then I put html tags inside or outside the box without integrate the two with some
And do not want to be in the Body marking so as not to increase the size of tags within the Body and whenever you want to put a new framework and developed in Body !!

For example, a simple site here ..
On the left side in a general framework includes
Text yards, a forum HTML and succession .. text language and the language model with its own codes and text styling and design model with its own codes .. This is a general framework includes more than one html tag how I work remained framework of what binds me is the marking of certain html

And I wish the situation in mind I do not use file Theme individually, but few in the general features and fixed at each site Often repeated because the tags I add different properties of each marking properties of Style separately ..

Sorry to stretching and I wish you could help
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eslam yosef

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Re: can any body help me with the frameworks ?

by nanoverso » Wed Oct 01, 2014 12:21 am

Probably you have missed some point on a early basic lesson, try to study it again and make changes on the examples to see how it affects the rendered result, some concepts are learned best this way.
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Re: can any body help me with the frameworks ?

by XainPro » Sat Oct 04, 2014 5:19 am

Learn HTML CSs and make your own or you can use twitter bootstrap but 1st you need to learn basic html and css.
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