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Problem reloading image with Java

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Problem reloading image with Java

by blacblu » Wed Jul 04, 2012 11:34 pm

I have the following function in Java:

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function jsDropDown(imgid,buiildingnumber,apartmentnumber,newimg){
         document.getElementById(imgid).src = "https://api.cosm.com/v2/feeds/"+buildingnumber+"/datastreams/Hidro"+apartmentnumber+".png?width=1000&height=300&colour=%23f15a24&duration="+newimg+"&legend=Litros&title=Hidr%C3%B4metro&show_axis_labels=true&detailed_grid=true"

The following dropdown menu:

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<select name='food' align='left'; id='myList' onChange='JsDropDown('imagem','".$strbuildingnumber."','".$strapartmentnumber."','this.value')'>
              <option value='1hour'>1 hour</option>
              <option value='12hours'>12 hours</option> 
              <option value='1month'>1 month</option>
              <option value='3months'>3 months</option>
              <option value='1year'>1 year</option>

And the following image:

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echo "<img id='imagem' src='

What I'm trying to do is to when someone select something on the dropdown menu the image should change to a new one, but I just can't achieve that, nothing happens when I select something on the dropdown menu.
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Re: Problem reloading image with Java

by XainPro » Thu Jul 05, 2012 10:54 am

1st its JAVAscript NOt JAVA
2nd echo is php command not JavaScript
3rd did you tried jquery ?
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