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IMPORTANT: Virus and Spyware section Guidelines

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IMPORTANT: Virus and Spyware section Guidelines

by AVGSupport » Mon Nov 12, 2018 5:24 am

First of all, welcome to Antivirus Support.

Unfortunately, you have landed here because of an infection of some sort. We wish the circumstances would have been better, but it is what it is.

There are some things we require of you first so that the cleanup process is hopefully both fast and efficient:

Please follow ALL steps as outlined to you in the order they are requested. This may not make immediate sense to you, but it is done for a reason...a quick efficient resolution to your problems.
• Under no circumstances should you attempt to fix things by following another log and doing it yourself. This can only lead to more problems and possibly an un-bootable system. Every machine and every infection is unique and this method will only cause more problems.
• If this is a machine at your place of Business, we need to be informed beforehand. This is also not negotiable and we will not be responsible should you fail to do so.
• We also request patience. The Experts here are Volunteers and are not here 24/7. This is not a live session either. If it takes a few hours or overnight for them to get back to you, trust me it is worth the wait. See here why not to bump your thread. And once you have been given the all-clear, be sure to stick around until your Helper clearly concludes the issue, as they may have some additional steps and advice for you to follow. Just because you have been cleaned of an infection, that doesn't always mean the work is over.
• Only advice that is okay in this forum is ones from Malware Removal Specialists. We are not responsible if you take potentially inaccurate/harmful advice from someone who is not a designated helper. Anyone interested in joining the crew must have a good amount of experience and submit references to CBMatt (Chris) or Evil Fantasy in a PM. References will be checked. Others posting advice without approval is subject to have their posts removed immediately as the wrong advice is too risky.
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